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Copyrights and Ownership of logos and names

To the best of my knowledge, all images used on this site have either been created by myself, have been given to me for use on this site, or are in the public domain i.e. I don't actually know where they come from, but they're everywhere on the net. In particular, any images of Mas Oyama used here are being used on the principle that they are in the public domain by now i.e. the original photographer is forgotten, or they are old enough. If you feel this is not so, please let me know and I will either defend my position, or take steps to remedy the situation - most likely by giving credit to the original source.

All names and logos of the various organisations, be they kyokushin derived or otherwise, are the property of the respective organisations and I have either been given permission to use them, or have done so without permission only in order to identify an organisation or an affiliation, but for no other purpose.

Using material from this site

I have no problem with people using material, both text and images, from this site PROVIDED ALWAYS that credit is given to me and my site! There are a number of site creators out there (you know who you are) who have blatantly plagiarised, copied, and stolen entire pages exactly, verbatim, and word-for-word from my site, and then had the unmitigated gall to put their own copyright message at the bottom of the page, without any mention whatsoever of where they really got it.

While I don't mind you borrowing my material, bear in mind though that if everyone uses my images and my words, then all their sites will be more or less the same as all the other sites, and there will be no significant new contribution to the sum total of Kyokushin's internet presence. My policy on adding other sites to my links database will reflect this by not including sites that make little or no original contribution compared to the plagiarised or common information e.g. Mas Oyama's biography.


The numerical differentiation of the abbreviation IKO (International Karate Organisation) as used by various Kyokushin organisations is my invention for my convenience and historical continuity i.e. IKO(1), IKO(2), IKO(3), IKO(4)... The numbers are not meant as an indication of their precedence in their claim to the use of the name and abbreviation.

Since there are several groups that chose to use that name for their organisation, the reasons for which I do not care to debate, they are simply numbered in chronological order of their formation. Some people prefer to use the current kancho's name as a suffix to the IKO. This wouldn't be a problem if they never changed. They do however seem to change quite often, and in some cases they even start up new group e.g. Shihan Nobuhito Tezuka, who first led what I call IKO(3) but has since left them to start IKO(4). This means that there have been two IKO-Tezuka in existence, and newcomers to the scene would think that these were the same group,when in fact they are not. Hence, the numbers instead.

If you choose to use this system, feel free to do so. If not feel just as free not to.

The expressions "Kyokushin is Kyokushin" and "One World, One Kyokushin" are also of my invention, but the concepts behind them are not, and as a consequence, I have no problem with anyone using them for the betterment and propagation of Kyokushin. Don't abuse it.

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